Writers are commissioned to create a screenplay from an existing property (such as a novel) or draft a script from scratch. The screenplay maps out the plot, conjures up the characters, and gives them words to say and things to do. Studios will often hire a succession of writers to rework a screenplay before production begins. Writers in these rankings worked on at least two top-grossing films since 2002.

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writers | The more smoking, the higher the score
15Oren Moverman97110
16Christopher Browne93110
17Simon Kelton84110
Sean Macaulay84110
18Etan Cohen83110
Nicholas Martin83110
19Andrew Lanham75210
Destin Daniel Cretton75210
Jeff Pinkner75440
20Matthew Orton70110
21Caroline Thompson69110
22Jane Goldman66110
Rupert Wyatt66110
Erica Beeney66110
23James Gray64110
24David Loughery62110
25Scott Rosenberg61220
26Guy Ritchie59320
27Jamie Moss58110
William Wheeler58310
Ehren Kruger58110
Bragi F. Schut58110
Maria Melnik58110
28Simon Kinberg56310
J.K. Rowling56210
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