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The media companies that dominate Hollywood know what they need to do | The major studios have proved they can keep smoking out of the movies that kids see most.

By 2013, every studio had successfully kept its youth-rated movies practically smokefree for at least one year. In 2015, most major studios were close to smokefree. If the film industry simply kept it up, the CDC reports that we can prevent a million tobacco deaths in this generation. 

Only one thing stands in the way. These companies refuse to instruct their trade group, the Motion Picture Association of America, to R-rate future movies with smoking. As a result, tobacco content in PG-13 films is on the rise again.

Put on the pressure | To protect millions of kids worldwide, join others working from the local to the international level to stop smoking in movies from killing in real life...

• Young moviegoers

• Parents and family

• Public health and medical professionals

• Socially-responsible investors

• Local, state, and federal health officials

• State attorneys general

• And many more!

Take the opportunity...use the tools | This section offers you lots of different ways to make a powerful difference. And we keep adding tools and resources for individuals and groups. Explore your options. Contact us to sign up for Smokefree Movies updates.