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Spacek's smoking ignites new row over Hollywood's love of cigarettes

Stephen Naysmith | The Herald (10 Mar 2002)
Oscar-listed movie attacked as smokescreen for disguised big tobacco advertising. Read more...

Ad banned, but smoking on screen isn't

Patrick Goldstein | Los Angeles Times (5 Mar 2002)
Why is cigarette smoking still on the rise in Hollywood films? Read more...

New study finds more movie smoking

Brian Rooney | ABC (19 Jan 2002)
In 'Saving Private Ryan,' Tom Hanks was given a nervous twitch in his hand, instead of a cigarette. Read more...


Rising up from the ashtrays

Carla Meyer | San Francisco Chronicle (27 Dec 2001)
Cigarettes return to films in a big way.

Bid to end big smoke in movies

| The Guardian (7 Aug 2001)
Films which show actors smoking should be classified as unsuitable for children in the same way as those that contain sex and violence, according to a well-funded pressure group. Read more...

Tobacco's long-time adversary takes on Tinseltown

Michael McCarthy | The Lancet (7 Jul 2001)
Although it may take a few years, Glantz predicts Hollywood will give in. Read more...

Smoke and mirrors

Tom Feran | Cleveland Plain Dealer (26 Jun 2001)
It's not just marketing. It's a sneak attack.

What to do about Hollywood, tobacco's smoldering affair

Stan Glantz | Los Angeles Times (2 Jun 2001)
Why is Hollywood serving a racket that's buried many of its most gifted members? Read more...


Ratings board gets an 'F' on smoking

John Morgan | USA Today (26 May 2000)
Surprisingly, cigarette smoking is not factored into determining ratings at all. Read more...


Anti-smoke screen

Denise Gellene | Los Angeles Times (11 Dec 1997)
LA County develops ads to counter cigarettes' 'cool' movie image — but few theaters show them. Read more...