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History repeats on e-cigarettes

Ruth A. Etzel | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (8 Jan 2014)
Children see celebrities using this product on prime-time television, and at least one cartoon character touts its use. Read more...


Campaign against tobacco in movies is all smoke, no fire

Peter Howell | Toronto Star (15 Mar 2012)
Wouldn’t society be better off if we directed more energy to reducing mindless violence in movies? Read more...


Up in smoke: Give movies with tobacco an automatic 'R'

David Edelstein | New York Magazine (6 Jan 2010)
We just make it tougher for new films with cigarette use to influence kids. Read more...

Altria: How does smoking in movies affect the young?

Jennifer Hunter | The New York Times (15 Jan 2010)
Since 1990, Philip Morris USA’s policy has been to refrain from product placement in movies. Read more...

The libertarian smokescreen

David Edelstein | New York Magazine (8 Jan 2010)
You stigmatize tobacco because it kills hundreds of thousands of people a year — or at least you give 'R.' Read more...

Smoke Screens

Richard Brody | The New Yorker (7 Jan 2010)
A modest proposal: the MPAA ratings system should be abolished. Read more...

Power of the cinema is leading young people to smoke

Crystal Bruce | Sarasota Herald-Tribune (13 Feb 2010)
Since movie studios are businesses, why not hold them to normal business standards? Read more...

Movies: Where there's smoking, there's ire

David Edelstein | CBS Sunday Morning (24 Jan 2010)
No one's banning anything, just saying, 'Kids shouldn't be able to see it so easily.' Read more...


Making cancer cool: Tobacco and Hollywood

Ralph Nader | Counterpunch (21 Feb 2007)
One important cultural ally of Big Tobacco is Hollywood. Read more...


Smoked out

Joan Cincotta | Syracuse Post-Standard (1 Dec 2008)
Smoking in movies is a powerful channel for promoting a lethal addiction. Read more...