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Hollywood movies are the primary recruiter of new young smokers. Getting tobacco out of youth-rated movies — voluntarily, without censorship — is perhaps the single most cost-effective way to protect this generation.

Here are FREE tools for action!


Screen Out! is a survival kit for families and communities. It gives you the facts, the tools and the strategy to protect your kids and clear tobacco out of tomorrow's kid-rated movies.


DVDanger alerts parents and top video retailers to hazardous, unlabeled, kid-rated DVDs that promote smoking. Includes movie list, fact sheet, sample retailer letter and ads ready to run in your newsletter. Essential safety information the studios don't provide!


120,000 Lives a Year This 9-minute video highlights one of the most urgent health challenges of the 21st Century, from the history of paid product placement to the scientific research confirming the problem, growing youth activism, and the four-step Smoke Free Movies solution endorsed by leading health groups. Contact us for DVD or download, PC or Mac.

Watch now: YouTube

The Whole World is Watching Cameras take to the streets around the globe to capture the largest generation in world history talking about U.S. movies — and smoking. It's raw and real.

Download now: Windows Media | Quicktime | Real Player (7 mb)

Taking the Message to Hollywood: International Day of Action 2005 Two rolling billboards hit the streets at the 2005 Oscars®. L.A. County public health director Jonathan Fielding, MD, tells it straight. Are the studios listening?

Download now: Windows Media | Quicktime | Real Player (7 mb)


All Smoke Free Movies ads are available — free — for use as flyers and posters orto run in newsletters and school newspapers. Check them out.


Pass a public or private resolution. Here’s model resolution language and suggestions for winning endorsements from councils, school organizations, and civic and professional groups. Download PDF.


NCTOH Poster 11 x 17 Poster (2007) Sums up the science, the R-rating solution, and the studios' positions. Download PDF.

Handout (2008) One pager bullet-points key facts, organizational support, and the four Smoke Free Movies policy solutions.. Download PDF.

"Solutions" (2009) Describes four policy solutions developed by Smoke Free Movies and endorsed by leading health groups. Download PDF.

"Time Line" (2009) A quick history of Hollywood, Big Tobacco, and the course of the Smoke Free Movies campaign. Download PDF.


New York State youth were the first to take aim at smoking movies. Download the 2004-5 Reality Check Action Guide.

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