Whether they’re today’s super-stars with clout or character players with decades of experience, actors are not improvising the film you’re watching. They follow the script and the director’s intent. For almost any other actor, even a few days’ work on a big budget film is a career highlight. They smoke only if they’re told to smoke. Actors in these rankings worked on at least two top-grossing films since 2002.

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actors | The more smoking, the higher the score
in films
1Ben Hardy311021
Allen Leech311021
Rami Malek311021
2Viggo Mortensen29114
Shea Whigham291019
3Sarah Silverman26111
4John Goodman251015
Anthony Hopkins251015
5Sam Neill231013
6Johnny Depp211011
Josh Gad211011
7Carrie Coon19109
Tom Hanks19109
Rick Holmes19109
8Ben Mendelsohn16106
Gary Oldman16106
9Claire Foy15105
Ciarán Hinds15105
Anamaria Marinca15105
Chris Obi15105
Josh Royston15105
Donnie Yen15105
10Eddie J. Fernandez14104
Mike Hatton14104
Rob Lowe14104
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