How you pay for smoking in movies

Top 15 states | Every week, we estimate the dollar-value of tax credits and other public subsidies handed out to the producers of fims with tobacco imagery. The total will keep growing until movies that recruit young people to smoke are made ineligible for taxpayer handouts.

Top 15 countries | The US tops the list of countries subsidizing top-grossing films with smoking. But, together, more than a dozen other nations hand just as much, with almost all the money going to big-budget Hollywood movie productions seen around the world. Taxpayers also cover much of tobacco's huge health costs.

PUBLIC SUBSIDIES|Films in 15 top-ranked states, 2010-2018
Top 15 statesSmoking filmsImpressions (millions)Subsidies for all top filmsShare of subsidies for smoking films
California8318,918$727 million$359 million (49%)
Georgia4910,098$957 million$276 million (28%)
New York4810,644$639 million$344 million (53%)
Louisiana416,954$680 million$302 million (44%)
New Mexico224,482$302 million$145 million (48%)
Massachusetts2110,801$354 million$169 million (47%)
Pennsylvania181,875$212 million$94 million (44%)
North Carolina63,974$112 million$56 million (49%)
Alabama41,842$15 million$9 million (62%)
Connecticut4161$131 million$17 million (13%)
Hawaii498$27 million$24 million (88%)
Puerto Rico3751$41 million$18 million (44%)
Texas3513$39 million$17 million (43%)
Mississippi22,904$10 million$10 million (100%)
Nevada2812$26 million$18 million (71%)
TOTAL31074,827$4.3 billion$1.9 billion (43%)
PUBLIC SUBSIDIES|Films in 15 top-ranked countries, 2010-2018
Top 15 countriesSmoking filmsImpressions (millions)Subsidies for all top filmsShare of subsidies for smoking films
United States34282,293$4.73 billion$2.02 billion (42%)
United Kingdom6418,133$2.10 billion$765 million (36%)
Canada4714,451$1.36 billion$482 million (35%)
Germany132,986$148 million$116 million (78%)
Australia105,110$396 million$130 million (32%)
France103,909$164 million$59 million (35%)
New Zealand95,848$233 million$193 million (82%)
Hungary8767$174 million$87 million (49%)
Italy5440$62 million$41 million (65%)
South Africa5660$98 million$28 million (29%)
Mexico4118$5 million$4 million (79%)
Spain3132$37 million$33 million (90%)
Colombia222$5 million$5 million (100%)
Czech Republic2499$20 million$14 million (69%)
Ireland225$8 million$5 million (57%)
TOTAL526135,393$9.5 billion$4.0 billion (42%)