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What actors are really smoking in your favorite movies and TV shows

Nathalie Basha | Circa (19 May 2017)
I bet you've been watching your favorite TV show, and at some point thought to yourself...."Wow. They smoke a lot on this show. How...unhealthy." But really, those probably aren't real cigarettes. Read more...

Popcorn and cigarettes?

Lisa Esposito | US News (31 Mar 2017)
While Hollywood has reduced smoking in films aimed at younger audiences, parents can't be certain kids won't be exposed to onscreen cigarette or cigar puffing, even with PG-rated or animated movies. Read more...

Ontario groups urge 18A film ratings forsmoking

Paul Bliss | CTV Toronto (25 Feb 2017)
Video clip: The day before the 2017 Oscars, CTV Toronto interviews Ontario Coalition for Smokefree Movies' Chris Yacatto and Tracy McCharles, Ontario's Minister of Consumer Services, whose agency overseas the film ratings. Read more...

The glitz, the glam and the cigarettes

| Ontario Lung Association (23 Feb 2017)
The Oscars remind us that kids and teens in Ontario have a much higher exposure to onscreen tobacco imagery than those in the United States, due to different rating systems. This year, out of 15 Oscar nominations in major categories that show smoking, only two of them have an 18A rating in Ontario, while eight are rated R in the US. Read more...

Vancouver (BC) students tweak smoking movies on Twitter

Yuliya Talmazan | Global News (23 Feb 2017)
Just a few days before the 89th Academy Awards are handed out in Los Angeles, a group of students at David Thompson Secondary in Vancouver is calling out films and directors that, they say, are glamourizing smoking to young people. Read more...

Films, TV soft target for anti-tobacco drive

Special correspondent | The Hindu (10 Feb 2017)
The Indian film and television industry has come out strongly against a WHO-sponsored study criticizing implementation of anti-tobacco messages on films and shows with smoking. Read more...

22% of India TV programs depict tobacco use: gov't study

PTI | India Today (10 Feb 2017)
Study recommends stronger enforcement of Indian rules that add anti-tobacco warnings to programming with tobacco imagery. Read more...

Watching James Bond could turn you into a smoker

Stephen Matthews | Daily Mail (17 Jan 2017)
Cigarettes feature in all but one of James Bond's 24 movies filmed to date, new research has discovered. And despite kicking the habit in 2002 - before Daniel Craig took over - he continues to be exposed to second-hand smoke from his sexual partners, experts say. Read more...

Princess Leia ultimately killed by the real Darth Vader

Stuart Kreisman | Vancouver (BC) Sun (3 Jan 2017)
The U.S. Surgeon General has concluded that...simple movie ratings changes could reduce the number of teen smokers by nearly one in five (18 per cent), and prevent one million deaths from smoking among U.S. children alive today. In Canada, the ratings systems are even worse, with 86 per cent of movies featuring tobacco use being youth-rated Read more...


Guest op-ed: A smoke-free scene

Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams | Brooklyn Reporter (17 Nov 2016)
The solution is an “R” rating for all movies that contain tobacco imagery. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that giving an “R” rating to future movies with tobacco would be expected to reduce the number of teen smokers by nearly one in five and prevent one million deaths from smoking among children alive today. Read more...