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Smoking in the movies

The editors | Los Angeles Times (23 Aug 2008)
Smoking is unhealthy, and movies can glamorize the habit. But how much censorship is too much? Read more...


Hollywood kicks a noxious habit

The editors | The Christian Science Monitor (1 Aug 2007)
Disney's ban on smoking in some of its movies is part of an inexorable shift in public perception. Read more...


Deglamorize smoking

The editors | Newsday (26 Nov 2005)
Two f-words in a film require an R rating. But the f-word can't kill. Smoking can. Read more...


Anti-smoking David takes on movie Goliath

The editors | National Catholic Reporter (6 Feb 2004)
It is more than reasonable to hold the industry accountable. Read more...

Smoke gets in your eyes

The editors | Eugene Register-Guard (30 Aug 2004)
'If sex and violence qualify [for an 'R'] then depictions of a behavior that will kill more people than illegal drugs, gun violence, drunk driving, suicide and AIDS combined ought to qualify without question.' Read more...


Smoking on film

The editors | San Francisco Chronicle (18 Jun 2003)
In the old days, perhaps Hollywood could plead ignorance as an excuse. Read more...

Those smoke-filled plots

The editors | Toledo Blade (31 Aug 2003)
The movie industry claims to have ended the practice of tobacco product-placement fees. Read more...

Make Hollywood a non-smoking area

The editors | San Jose Mercury News (22 Dec 2003)
Did cute, little aliens in 'Men in Black II' really need to be hawking Marlboros? Read more...

Butt out

The editors | Variety (2 Sep 2003)
The industry has never achieved a consensus on keeping smoking out of film. Read more...


Smoke-free movies

The editors | San Francisco Chronicle (20 Sep 2002)
Hollywood should not be sending a message that smoking is a glamorous habit. Read more...