News | 2010


Why Hollywood movies with smoking scenes need an R-rating

Clayton Jones | The Christian Science Monitor (23 Aug 2010)
Why does Hollywood still not impose an R-rating for all movies with tobacco use? Read more...

Fighting against smoking in the movies

Claudia Kalb | Newsweek (20 Aug 2010)
Activist pushes campaign to stop Hollywood showcasing deadly habit. Read more...

Rated 'R' for smoking?

Laura Blue | Time (19 Aug 2010)
Forcing an R-rating on movies would create a powerful incentive, say authors of a new report. Read more...

'Step forward' in limiting smoking scenes in films

Michael Cieply | The New York Times (19 Aug 2010)
Health organizations have pressed the film industry to assign an R-rating to any film that portrayed tobacco use. Read more...

Lighting up the dark

Amy Kaufman | Los Angeles Times (19 Aug 2010)
Rep. Markey: 'It's time for the movie industry to accept its own version of a nicotine patch.' Read more...

Smoking in movies

Mick Lasalle | San Francisco Chronicle (4 Jan 2010)
If you look at the smoking in recent releases, it has been decidedly unglamorous. Read more...