Film editors expertly assemble the footage shot over a period of weeks or months — along with computer-generated images — to create the final film. Working with the director to select from different takes of the same scene, an editor may be challenged to keep a cigarette in view longer or avoid showing it altogether. Who decides? Editors in these rankings have worked on at least two top-grossing films since 2002.

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editors | The more smoking, the higher the score
173Gregg Featherman2110
Andrew Erwin2310
Robert Duffy2410
Clare De Chenu2210
Eric Dapkewicz2210
Anne V. Coates2210
Jill Bilcock2110
174Rebecca Weigold1110
Dennis Virkler1210
Glen Scantlebury1210
Kiran Pallegadda1110
Hayao Miyazaki1110
Tom McArdle1111
Emma E. Hickox1410
Jeff Gullo1110
Glenn Farr1110
Mark Conte1110
Ki-hop Chan1110
Amy Budden1110
Zene Baker1210
Camilo Abadía1110
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