Film editors expertly assemble the footage shot over a period of weeks or months — along with computer-generated images — to create the final film. Working with the director to select from different takes of the same scene, an editor may be challenged to keep a cigarette in view longer or avoid showing it altogether. Who decides? Editors in these rankings have worked on at least two top-grossing films since 2002.

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editors | The more smoking, the higher the score
1Stephen Mirrione1805753
2Jeff Gourson1478761
3Michael Kahn9531390
4Paul Hirsch948841
5William Goldenberg9461060
6Jabez Olssen818540
7Ethan Coen776331
8Joel Coen767221
9Virginia Katz629852
10Martin Walsh613730
11Richard Francis-Bruce582631
12John Refoua538330
13Jamie Selkirk511110
14James Herbert501530
15Camille Delamarre497330
16Pietro Scalia494422
17Matt Villa478210
Jonathan Redmond478110
Jason Ballantine478310
18Chris Lebenzon4441290
19Hughes Winborne440630
Roger Barton4401060
20Dody Dorn436531
21Maysie Hoy4251282
22Michael McCusker412531
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