Film editors expertly assemble the footage shot over a period of weeks or months — along with computer-generated images — to create the final film. Working with the director to select from different takes of the same scene, an editor may be challenged to keep a cigarette in view longer or avoid showing it altogether. Who decides? Editors in these rankings have worked on at least two top-grossing films since 2002.

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editors | The more smoking, the higher the score
1Fred Raskin1259111
2Peck Prior956133
3Jeff Groth660110
4Jason Ballantine447122
5Chris Dickens362111
6Douglas Crise316110
7Dirk Westervelt230220
8Bob Ducsay207211
9Evan Schiff202110
10Laura Jennings172210
11Michelle Tesoro162110
12Adam Wolfe149110
13Harry Yoon147110
14Kayla Emter144111
15Joe Klotz141110
16Chris Patterson134110
17Melanie Oliver112210
18Louise Ford101110
19Pete Beaudreau100110
20Andrew Buckland96110
Michael McCusker96110
21Julien Rey86110
22Kelley Dixon75110
23Andrew Groves66110
24Lucian Johnston65110
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