Directors work with actors, cinematographers, editors, and craftspeople to bring the script to the screen. From sets and props to pace and expression, the director determines the detail of every scene. The final edit of the film is rarely up to the director — the studio has final cut. Directors also may lack veto power over product placement. Directors in these rankings worked on at least two top-grossing films since 2002.

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directors | The more smoking, the higher the score
1Greta Gerwig2696144
2Benny Boom1130122
3Greg Tiernan1058110
Conrad Vernon1058110
4Stephen Gaghan979122
5Peter Farrelly921111
6Shane Black909221
7Kathryn Bigelow890122
8Bryan Singer569220
9Joe Wright560210
10Steven Spielberg504430
11Robert Zemeckis483331
12John Hillcoat475133
13Dexter Fletcher453221
14Andy Muschietti424111
15Joel Coen414111
Ethan Coen414111
16Antoine Fuqua412330
17David Leitch323221
18Harmony Korine316110
19Chad Stahelski295220
20Dan Mazer275111
21F. Gary Gray256310
22Ridley Scott206320
23Spike Lee194110
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