Directors work with actors, cinematographers, editors, and craftspeople to bring the script to the screen. From sets and props to pace and expression, the director determines the detail of every scene. The final edit of the film is rarely up to the director — the studio has final cut. Directors also may lack veto power over product placement. Directors in these rankings worked on at least two top-grossing films since 2002.

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directors | The more smoking, the higher the score
84Jonathan Goldstein4210
Nicolai Fuglsig4110
85Taylor Sheridan3110
Adam Shankman3110
Levan Gabriadze3110
Nacho G. Velilla3110
Jake Szymanski3110
Simon Verhoeven3110
Richie Keen3110
86Ken Scott2110
Nicholas McCarthy2110
Erik Van Looy2110
Donovan Marsh2110
Kay Cannon2110
87Baran bo Odar1110
Lucia Aniello1110
Jodie Foster1110
Steve Pink1110
Paul Weitz1110
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