Whether they’re today’s super-stars with clout or character players with decades of experience, actors are not improvising the film you’re watching. They follow the script and the director’s intent. For almost any other actor, even a few days’ work on a big budget film is a career highlight. They smoke only if they’re told to smoke. Actors in these rankings worked on at least two top-grossing films since 2002.

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actors | The more smoking, the higher the score
in films
1Bradley Cooper963066
2John Leguizamo836023
3Zac Efron583028
4Nicholas Hamilton471037
Sophia Lillis471037
5Bill Camp463016
6Paul Anderson452025
Ryan Reynolds451035
7Matthew McConaughey38213
Channing Tatum382018
8David Harbour371112
9Demian Bichir352015
Samuel L. Jackson352015
Brad Pitt352015
10Ryan Gosling342014
11Joel Edgerton332013
12Dave Chappelle321022
Tom Hardy321022
13James McAvoy31116
Boyd Holbrook311021
Lola Kirke311021
Rosamund Pike311021
Charlize Theron312011
14Saoirse Ronan30115
LilRel Howery301020
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