Whether they’re today’s super-stars with clout or character players with decades of experience, actors are not improvising the film you’re watching. They follow the script and the director’s intent. For almost any other actor, even a few days’ work on a big budget film is a career highlight. They smoke only if they’re told to smoke. Actors in these rankings worked on at least two top-grossing films since 2002.

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actors | The more smoking, the higher the score
in films
1Ian McKellen13130101
2John Goodman1004060
3Hugh Jackman793049
4Jared Harris773047
5Leonardo DiCaprio623032
6Ray Winstone583028
7Tom Hanks543024
8Nelsan Ellis532118
9Daniel Craig512031
10Jed Brophy481038
Martin Freeman481038
Peter Hambleton481038
Ian Holm481038
Bérénice Marlohe481038
Sylvester McCoy481038
Graham McTavish481038
James Nesbitt481038
Dean O'Gorman481038
Aidan Turner481038
11Johnny Depp472027
12Cleta Elaine Ellington452025
13Richard Armitage421032
Hugh Grant423012
Ben Kingsley423012
14Anthony Hopkins412021
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