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Hollywood's quiet little billion-dollar bailout. And how it recruits more than a million kids to smoke.
Hollywood’s quiet little billion-dollar bailout — from 40 states like yours! And how it recruits more than a million kids to smoke. States competing for film projects offer producers and studios $1.4 billion in public subsidies. Ina recent year, an estimated $830 million of those taxpayer subsidies went to movies with smoking, most of them rated PG-13. And that’s a problem. Because more than a million members of Hollywood’s adolescent audience, aged 12-17, are addicted smokers today because of the tobacco imagery they see on screen. Ultimately, that tobacco imagery will kill about 360,000 of today’s teens. Taxpayers care deeply about protecting kids from smoking. States spent $630 million to battle smoking this year. And polls show that a majority of adults favors making youth-rated movies smokefree. Imagine what will happen when taxpayers discover that cash-strapped state governments spend more on movies that push smoking than on programs that help kids resist tobacco? It’s common sense — and perfectly legal — to make future films with smoking ineligible for taxpayer subsidies. Ask us how. Download the University of California, San Francisco report on film subsidies and public health at
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