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Since 1997, California adolescents have had a perfect record picking Hollywood's winners and losers. (Now you try.)
Since 1997, California adolescents have had a perfect record picking Hollywood’s winner and losers. (Now you try.) For thirteen years, Sacramento-area teens have hosted the Hackademy Awards. The event spotlights two movies every year. A blockbuster that helped enrich the tobacco industry (thumbs down). And a popular film that left audiences physically unharmed (thumbs up). For the past two decades, most wide-release films featured tobacco. But the balance has been steadily shifting. In 2009, for the first time, 51% of films were 100% smokefree. At left are 24 past Hackademy winners. Twelve pushed smoking; twelve did not. Mark your ballot which was which. If you can’t recall, maybe smoking clichés aren’t really crucial to youth-rated films. Smoking or Smokefree? American Wedding Anchorman Armageddon As Good As It Gets Casino Royale Charlie’s Angels Chicago Constantine Curious Case of Benjamin Button Dreamgirls Hairspray Independence Day Legally Blonde Live Free and Die Hard (Die Hard 4.0) Mean Girls Rules of Engagement She’s All That Sin City There’s Something About Mary The Insider Three Kings Titanic Twister What Happens in Vegas Wild Wild West Make your picks. Answers online. Check your smoking/smokefree ballot at To see who won the 2009 Hackademy Awards, presented by Breathe California, visit
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