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Movies with smoking cause kids to smoke.
The National Cancer Institute (1) concluded: Movies with smoking cause kids to smoke Having confirmed movies’ causal role in recruiting a new generation of smokers, our nation can score a major victory against tobacco and protect countless lives. Without taxpayers spending a cent, film studios and their corporate parents can immediately adopt these four reasonable policies, industry wide: 1 | Rate future tobacco imagery “R,” except for depictions of tobacco’s dire health consequences or portrayals of actual historical figures who smoked; 2 | Stop displaying tobacco brands on screen; 3 | Certify that nobody in the production and distribution chain receives anything of value from a tobacco company, its agents or fronts to include tobacco imagery in a film; and 4 | Run proven anti-tobacco spots before all films with tobacco imagery, in all distribution channels. A strong majority of U.S. adults (70%) already favor R-rating future smoking and showing anti-tobacco spots before any film with smoking (67%). Sixty-one percent want tobacco brands off screen. (2) The U.S. film and tobacco industries have a long history of commercial collaboration. The film industry must now act upon the scientific evidence showing that U.S. films with smoking are a vector for addiction, disease and death worldwide. [Signed] American Academy of Pediatrics American Heart Association American Legacy Foundation American Lung Association American Medical Association AMA Alliance Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights American Public Health Association Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids New York State Department of Health New York State PTA Smoke Free Movies (1) U.S. National Cancer Institute (2008). Monograph 19: (2) Social Climate Survey of Tobacco Control (2007).
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