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Necessary, yes. Sufficient, no.
Necessary, yes. Sufficient, no. (Image of gas mask) Does a polluter become “green” by handing out free gas masks? Adding anti-tobacco spots to DVDs with smoking is necessary. DVDs with smoking harm children and teens every time they’re watched. Proven spots from experienced health organizations can reduce the impact of films with smoking. They need to be in all distribution channels, not just DVDs. But spots don’t keep kids from being exposed in the first place. Movies rated G, PG and (mainly) PG-13 deliver at least half of young people’s exposure. The least intrusive, most effective way to keep smoking out of future youth-rated movies is to rate smoking “R.” Of course, teens will still see some R-rated movies. That’s why leading health authorities endorse the R-rating for smoking and proven anti-tobacco spots before any film with smoking. Spots are intended as a backstop to the “R,” not a substitute for it. Given that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death and that films with smoking are the single biggest recruiter of new young smokers, anti-tobacco spots are the very least that media companies can do. Spots are a start. Now, minimize the need for them.
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