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Eighty percent of this year's nominated movies feature smoking. And the winner is...
Eighty percent of this year’s nominated movies feature smoking. And the winner is… …the global tobacco industry. It gains at least $4 billion in lifetime sales revenue, in the U.S. alone, from the new teen smokers recruited to smoke by films each year. In 2007, two-thirds of new U.S. releases featured smoking: 39% of G/PG movies, 66% of PG-13 films, 84% of R-rated films. Together, these movies delivered 6.6 billion tobacco impressions to North American theater audiences. R-rating smoking is reasonable, responsible—and inevitable. You’ll still be able to include smoking in any film, just like this year’s R-rated nominees for Best Picture. Yet by keeping smoking out of the G/PG/PG-13 films that kids see most, you’ll save 60,000 lives a year. So who’s trying to stop the “R”? Must be somebody with a lot to lose.
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