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Warning: Watching movies with smoking poses a risk to your child's health.
WARNING: Watching Movies With Smoking Poses A Risk to Your Childrens' Health. The decision by the MPAA to "consider smoking as a factor" when rating movies is inadequate. Smoking in movies needs to be rated "R" now. Jay E. Berkelhamer, D, FAAP President American Academy of Pediatrics Cass Wheeler CEO American Heart Association Cheryl Healton, Dr.P.H. President & CEO American Legacy Foundation John L. Kirkwood President & CEO American Lung Association William G. Plested III, MD President American Medical Association Nita Maddox President AMA Alliance Cynthia Hallett, MPH Executive Director Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Matthew L. Myers President Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Stanton A. Glantz, PhD UCSF Professor of Medicine Director, Smoke Free Movies
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