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"No parent in America wants to pay for a movie that pouches smoking at kids." — Nita Maddox, AMA Alliance
“No parent in America wants to pay for a movie that pushes smoking at kids.” — Nita Maddox, National President, AMA Alliance You’ve heard it from health researchers, U.S. Senators, and state attorneys general. Now listen to the parents who buy the tickets. Our organization of physicians’ families, active in hundreds of communities across America, is joining the campaign to get smoking out of kid-rated movies. We’ll tell parents how on-screen smoking recruits 390,000 kids a year to start smoking and adds $4.1 billion a year to tobacco industry sales revenue. We’ll explain why R-rating future tobacco use, along with other voluntary policies to neutralize tobacco imagery and Big Tobacco influence, are timely, reasonable, effective solutions. We’ll help parents get in touch with decision-makers, from theater owners to media CEOs. And we’ll help parents keep their kids safer , starting today. Because, as parents, we already pay for what our kids see. We don’t want our children to pay, too. Screen Out! is a project of the Smokefree Movies Action Network. This project is endorsed by the American Heart Association, American Legacy Foundation, American Medical Association, and the State of New York Department of Health. AMA Alliance is the volunteer arm of the American Medical Association. The mission of the Alliance network is to build healthy communities. Screen Out! Now at
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