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PTA 2006 National Convention Program
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Our children are the targets. How can we protect them?
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Smoke Free Movies has launched a series of print advertisements in the Daily Variety and other publications. This advertisement first ran in the National PTA’s 110th Annual Convention program on June 23, 2006. Our children are the targets. How do we protect them? 76% of U.S. movies since 1999 feature tobacco. No wonder movies recruit more kids to smoke than traditional tobacco advertising does. The solution is obvious. To keep smoking out of future G, PG and PG-13 movies, Hollywood should treat smoking in kids’ movies the same way it treats foul language. Experts say rating smoking “R” would avert 60,000 deaths a year. That’s like ending all U.S. deaths from criminal violence, illegal drugs and HIV/AIDS — combined. Hollywood already tailors its films to achieve certain ratings. And the tobacco industry is legally bound not to pay to get its products on screen. So there’s really no reason for films to push smoking at kids. Adolescence is when most smokers start. Movies recruit 390,000 new young smokers each year. Are you ready to protect them? Tell the big media companies that own the famous Hollywood studios how much parents care. To make the strongest impression, write the CEO’s of Disney, Sony and Time Warner. They’re responsible for the most U.S. movies with tobacco images over the last seven years. All this time, our kids have been watching. And learning. We can still protect them. But we must act now. [SCREEN OUT! KIT] For your FREE Parent’s Guide to Smoking, Movies & Children’s Health, with action strategy, please visit Get smoking out of kid-rated movies. The “R” rating policy is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Legacy Foundation, American Medical Association and others. © 2006 Smoke Free Movies
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