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It wasn't from a lawyer, Mr. Ferrell, just a hopeful kid in Wellsville
It wasn't from a lawyer, Mr. Farrell, just a hopeful kid in Wellsville. Envelope and glimpse of actual letter signed with first name only. How much effort did it take for kids to send 100,000 letters to the likes of Colin Farrel, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Cameron Diaz? Less than it takes for each letter to be refused and returned unopened. For the second year in a row, your biggest fans have told you that they don't want their sisters and brothers manipulated into smoking by youth-rated movies. What would it cost your industry to agree with them? Nothing. Because smoking doesn't sell movie tickets. But movies keep on selling smoking. Even shareholders are growing concerned. Meanwhile, the studios are still stonewalling the state attorneys general and sandbagging leading health organizations. But just in case liability catches up, the studios are also busy drawing a distinction between themselves, as mere distributors with no input into films, and all those willful producers, directors and actors they can't control. Fact: No PG-13 movie would show teens playing Russian roulette, putting even one life at risk. Yet 80% of PG-13 movies show smoking larger than life, helping to replace every smoker who dies with 390,000 new young smokers a year. Why doesn't anyone answer the kids? Who's enforcing the silence in Hollywood? Avert 50,000 deaths a year at