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The week before the 2015 Oscars®, the Smokefree Movies Action Network launched an international social media campaign. 'Want Hollywood to rate smoking movies R/18? Tell them your selfie.' Download a free campaign kit here.

One little picture can make a difference, too.
One little picture can make a difference, too. Starting this week, starting small, kids and families all across America and Canada will upload selfies with nothing selfish about them. They simply want Hollywood to get the picture about the risks of on-screen smoking. The US CDC reports that R-rating future movies with smoking can prevent 1 million tobacco deaths in this generation of US kids. Hundreds of thousands of teens in Canada and tens of millions more in Hollywood’s overseas markets are also in danger. China and India are taking steps to protect their populations from on-screen smoking. But the US film industry is still refusing to R-rate tobacco, the quickest way to keep smoking out of the movies that our kids see most. Every day’s delay means more tobacco deaths tomorrow. Want to help? Download a free action kit at One little letter can save a million lives. #RateSmokingR in the US. #RateSmoking18 internationally. US CDC report: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Smoking in the Movies.
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