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Smoking in the movies

Jonathan Savage | BBC World Service (13 Jul 2017)
[Interview with UCSF's Stanton Glantz begins at 11:53 on time slider] Read more...

Why is smoking on screen popular again?

Patricia Garcia | Vogue (10 Jul 2017)
While freedom of artistic expression is important, limiting the marketing of smoking (a dangerous, expensive, and addictive habit) in teenage and young-adult movies seems like a cause that all studio heads and filmmakers should be able to rally behind. Read more...

To combat teen smoking, health experts recommend R ratings for movies that depict tobacco use

Karen Kaplan | Los Angeles Times (11 Jul 2017)
“Since 2010 there has been no progress in reducing the total number of tobacco incidents in youth-rated movies,” they wrote. “Had the trend established from 2005 to 2010 continued, all youth-rated films would have been smoke-free by 2015.” Read more...

Health experts are worried about a huge rise in smoking in movies

Mahita Gajanan | Time (11 Jul 2017)
The rise of smoking on screen has worried health professionals, who warned that the more frequency with which young people see tobacco use in movies will make them more likely to smoke. Read more...

Tobacco gets more screen time in blockbuster movies, study shows

Niraj Chokshi | The New York Times (11 Jul 2017)
In addition to giving an R rating to any movie that features smoking or tobacco use, studios can certify that neither they nor their producers were paid to show tobacco on screen, and they can choose to stop depicting tobacco brands altogether, the researchers suggested. They also said that states could limit subsidies to movies that depict tobacco use. Read more...

Report shows incidents of smoking increase in youth-focused US films

| Xinhua (10 Jul 2017)
"Modernizing Hollywood's rating system to protect the audience by awarding movies with smoking an R rating would save a million kids' lives." Read more...

Dramatic spike in smoking scenes

Kirsty Fowler | NBC 7 San Diego (10 Jul 2017)
UCSF and its other research partners are hoping these findings will push for stricter ratings within the film industry. Read more...

Tobacco use in hit movies jumps 80% in one year

Claire Schaffer | Newsweek (10 Jul 2017)
"The MPAA needs to modernize the rating system to reflect the conclusive science that putting smoking on a screen increases the chances of youth smoking and then dying prematurely as a result." Read more...

Number of pre-teen films featuring smoking has risen by 43% in six years

Daisy Dunne | Daily Mail (10 Jul 2017)
Experts warned the results are a 'troublesome plot twist' in the health of young people, who may be at an increased risk of tobacco addiction because of the rise in on-screen smoking. Read more...

Tobacco use jumps 80% in top-grossing movies

Victoria Knight | CNN (10 Jul 2017)
The numbers are prompting concern from public health researchers and advocates over the effects these scenes have on young people's behavior. [Includes video with Acting Surgeon General] Read more...