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El peligro de que los niños vean a fumadores en pantalla

Perri Klass MD | The New York Times (31 Jul 2017)
"En todo el mundo se puede constatar consistentemente que hay dos o tres veces más riesgo en niños que están expuestos a ver una gran cantidad de fumadores en filmes." Read more...

Why are fashion's elite making deadly smoking 'cool' again?

| Yahoo! Style (27 Jul 2017)
If what these women wear, eat, and promote, sells, why would cigarette be any different? Three million likes is an easy answer to that question. Here’s the truth: 1,300 smokers die every single day. Isn’t it time for fashion to quit? Read more...

Almost all Emmy-nominated series feature smoking

| Truth Initiative (28 Jul 2017)
This year’s batch of Emmy-nominated shows may be celebrating the chance to compete for television’s top prize, but almost all the finalists in the comedy and drama categories are losing when it comes to public health. All—except one—feature characters smoking. Read more...

India: Films that show drinking to be certified as 'A'

Rakesh Mehar | The News Minute (26 Jul 2017)
Since Pahlaj Nihalani took over as chief of [India's] Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC), it seems that not a week goes by without the board creating some new controversy. The latest controversial proposal from the CBFC is to certify a film as 'Adult' if it has characters lighting up a cigarette or drinking on screen. Read more...

Rated R for smoking would prevent teens from lighting up: CDC

Ben Russell | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth (23 Jul 2017)
Rated R for smoking would become a reality if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gets its way. [Includes local interviews in 02:45 video report] Read more...

Love Island: Stars' on-screen smoking angers health charity

Jamie Doward and Harry Robertson | The Guardian (22 Jul 2017)
[Deborah] Armott [of UK's Action on Smoking and Health] told the Observer: “Love Island’s use of free cigarettes might have been designed to encourage smoking. We will be asking Ofcom to consider our complaint as matter of urgency.” Read more...

Should movies showing people smoking be rated R?

Samuel Smith | Christian Post (21 Jul 2017)
"Why is it that filmmakers are aware that showing smoking can have a negative influence on kids but showing foul language or showing all kinds of sexual content or showing horrific violence, apparently, that doesn't have any influence on children at all?" Gildemeister [of the Parents Television Council] asked. "They let a lot of the other things slide, things that I think most parents [consider] are more serious and more egregious than smoking." Read more...

Hollywood images: Is tobacco back in the picture?

Andy Miller | Georgia Health News (18 Jul 2017)
“There’s a long history of Hollywood glamorizing tobacco use,’’ Paul Billings, a senior vice president of the American Lung Association, told GHN on Monday. He said the CDC report was disappointing “because it showed progress is stalled and more work is needed.” Read more...

The Checkup: Why smoking in films harms children

Perri Klass MD | The New York Times (17 Jul 2017)
Research shows that when it comes to smoking, children are heavily influenced by some of the folks they consider the coolest of the cool: actors in movies. Read more...

Rise of smoking on screen has health experts fuming

Ben Hoyle | The Australian (14 Jul 2017)
“Since 2010 there has been no progress in reducing the total number of tobacco incidents in youth-rated movies,” the CDC said. “Had the trend established from 2005 to 2010 continued, all youth-rated films would have been smoke-free by 2015.” Read more...