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Leading health groups demand film industry give R rating to movies that depict smoking

| American Cancer Society (29 Aug 2017)
"Most smokers are enticed into nicotine addiction as children, and the American film industry must take assertive action now to ensure that our kids are not lured into using this uniquely lethal product by depictions of smoking in major motion pictures." Read more...

Leading health groups demand film industry give R rating to movies that depict smoking

| Truth Initiative Newsroom (29 Aug 2017)
The letter was signed by the largest-ever coalition of health leaders to unite behind this critical issue, including medical organizations that represent more than 630,000 doctors – the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American College of Physicians, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the American Medical Association. Read more...

Health groups demand 'R' rating for movies that show smoking

HealthDay News | UPI (30 Aug 2017)
"By voluntarily implementing policies that require R ratings for smoking, the film industry can avert 1 million tobacco deaths among today's children, according to estimates from the CDC," the coalition of health groups said in the statement. Read more...

US health groups demand 'R' rating for movies that depict smoking

| Xinhua (30 Aug 2017)
According to the U.S. CDC, exposure to on-screen smoking will recruit more than six million U.S. children to smoke, of whom two million will die prematurely from tobacco-induced cancer, heart disease, lung disease or stroke. Read more...

Should movies with smoking get an 'R' rating?

Rebecca Plevin | KPCC (So. California) (30 Aug 2017)
"Since the industry's progress halted, major studios and independent producer-distributors have released 210 top-grossing, youth-rated U.S. films featuring more than 6,000 tobacco incidents, delivering 60.5 billion tobacco impressions to audiences in U.S. theaters alone," the letter says. Read more...

Leading health groups demand film industry give R rating to movies that depict smoking

| AAP News (29 Aug 2017)
A coalition of the nation's most influential health organizations -- responding to a July 7 report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- have demanded that movie producers, distributors and exhibitors apply an R rating to all films that include depictions of smoking or tobacco. Read more...

Raising the smoking age to 21 may seem arbitrary, but the science behind it is sound

Tracy Moore | DSC Original Content (9 Aug 2017)
But for teenagers, it may not be taxes, age restrictions or other anti-smoking measures that impact whether or not they smoke as much as one big thing: the movies. Teenagers who see smoking in films are two to three times more likely to start smoking, even when controlling for other factors, like whether your parents smoke, socioeconomics or attitudes. Which is why whether or not a teen sees smoking on the big screen is considered the “largest single stimulus” for teenagers to pick up smoking, proving true in a study of 17 different countries. Read more...

When A-list celebrities become unpaid spokespeople for the tobacco industry

Robin Koval | PR Week (8 Aug 2017)
The fashion and entertainment industries seem stubbornly and dangerously stuck in the past as they fall back on old stereotypes, says Truth Initiative's CEO. Read more...

Smoking in movies under fire

Suthentira Govender | Sunday Times (S. Africa) (2 Aug 2017)
The study's findings are a concern for South Africa’s National Council Against Smoking‚ which lambasted movie houses for “taking a deadly product and associating it with glamour‚ thrills and independence”. Read more...

Smoking in movies is popular again and can harm children

Livia Holmblad | Addiction Now (4 Aug 2017)
“The argument we hear sometimes, that ‘this is a long tradition in Hollywood’ or that ‘they’re just reflecting reality,’ is bogus,” Glantz said. “Most of that smoking got put in there because it was paid for." Read more...