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Anti-smokers ought to butt out of movies

Todd McCarthy | Variety (15 Mar 2002)
Why have the pit bulls of political correctness decided to demonize smoking and ignore other much less normal aspects of life? Read more...

Should Hollywood movies be smoke free?

Warren Olney | KCRW (15 Mar 2002)
Smoking, peer pressure, product placement, and the power of movies. Read more...

Show a puff, get an 'R' — Tobacco foes want movie ratings to include smoking

Ray Delgado | San Francisco Chronicle (12 Mar 2002)
The study blasted the tobacco industry for aggressive product placement tactics in the 1980s. Read more...

Anti-smoking groups call for movie ratings to factor in tobacco

Alexa Haussler | AP (12 Mar 2002)
Study: Cigarette companies aggressively pursued product placement in films. Read more...

In the 80's: Lights! Camera! Cigarettes!

Rick Lyman | The New York Times (12 Mar 2002)
Tobacco companies were well aware of the benefits of having audiences … see their favorite stars smoking. Read more...

Spacek's smoking ignites new row over Hollywood's love of cigarettes

Stephen Naysmith | The Herald (10 Mar 2002)
Oscar-listed movie attacked as smokescreen for disguised big tobacco advertising. Read more...

Ad banned, but smoking on screen isn't

Patrick Goldstein | Los Angeles Times (5 Mar 2002)
Why is cigarette smoking still on the rise in Hollywood films? Read more...

New study finds more movie smoking

Brian Rooney | ABC (19 Jan 2002)
In 'Saving Private Ryan,' Tom Hanks was given a nervous twitch in his hand, instead of a cigarette. Read more...


Rising up from the ashtrays

Carla Meyer | San Francisco Chronicle (27 Dec 2001)
Cigarettes return to films in a big way.

Bid to end big smoke in movies

| The Guardian (7 Aug 2001)
Films which show actors smoking should be classified as unsuitable for children in the same way as those that contain sex and violence, according to a well-funded pressure group. Read more...