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Smoking Kidman sparks controversy

| Sydney Morning Herald (21 May 2003)
Lighting up at her Cannes press conference.

My first cigarette, and my last

Kirk Douglas | The New York Times (16 May 2003)
Hollywood started me smoking, literally putting a cigarette in my hand. Read more...

Warner douses smoking promo

James Bates | Los Angeles Times (5 Mar 2003)
British American Tobacco cigarettes were handed out to viewers of the studio's movies in Nigeria. Read more...

The verdict at Sundance: Debuts on difficult subjects

Elvis Mitchell | The New York Times (27 Jan 2003)
So much contemplative dragging on cigarettes amid operatic shafts of backlighting. Read more...

Pic smoke chokes

Mark Bisgeier | Variety (23 Jan 2003)
The R rating would be the right thing to do … and wouldn't cost the industry a cent. Read more...


Rated 'R' for smoking

Charles Paul Freund | Reason (26 Nov 2002)
Have people been spending their days timing smoking scenes with stopwatches? Read more...

Groups demand Hollywood take action against tobacco

R. Kinsey Lowe | Los Angeles Times (14 Nov 2002)
Campaign announced with WHO, LA County health director, AMA, Lung Association. Read more...

Smoking grows after film ban

Sabrina Eaton | Cleveland Plain Dealer (30 Oct 2002)
Cigarette smoking in teen-oriented films increased by 50 percent after a ban on tobacco product placement. Read more...

Smoldering issue

| The Washington Times (8 Oct 2002)
'I greeted a bunch of 8-year-old girls dressed as Cruella with a long cigarette. Nobody dressed up like the good guy.' Read more...

Smoke-free movies

The editors | San Francisco Chronicle (20 Sep 2002)
Hollywood should not be sending a message that smoking is a glamorous habit. Read more...