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Slap R-rating on films with smoking: Lung Association

| CBC (21 Jan 2004)
Lung Association in Ontario is lobbying for all films that show smoking to be given a restricted rating. Read more...

A smoke screen

Garret Condon | Hartford Courant (17 Jan 2004)
Eszterhas is a recent draftee in a low-level war that has been going on for several years. Read more...

Teens want R-rating for movies featuring smokers

| CBC (12 Jan 2004)
The majority of three-year-olds in the U.S. knew who Joe Camel was, more so than Mickey Mouse. Read more...


Make Hollywood a non-smoking area

The editors | San Jose Mercury News (22 Dec 2003)
Did cute, little aliens in 'Men in Black II' really need to be hawking Marlboros? Read more...

Attorneys General push Hollywood to cut down on smoking in movies

Brian Witte | AP (18 Dec 2003)
Asking Valenti to use his leadership to stop Hollywood from 'being a source of the problem.' Read more...

Attorneys General discuss concerns about smoking in movies with directors and motion picture executives

California Attorney General | Office of the California Attorney General (17 Dec 2003)
I'm pleased that movie directors and motion picture industry officials are willing to explore ways they can help keep our kids from starting down a deadly road. Read more...

Putting an R-rating on smoking in movies

Scott Horsley | NPR All Things Considered (5 Dec 2003)
Socially conscious investors are urging Hollywood to put an R-rating on movies that include smoking. Read more...

Dissipating smoking's glamour

Rachel Metz | Palo Alto Online (5 Dec 2003)
Medical students seek to educate community.

No smoke screen

Michael Heaton | Cleveland Plain Dealer (20 Nov 2003)
Joe Eszterhas: 'I glamorized smoking in my movies.'

Students team up with county for message against tobacco use

Laura Tode | Helena (MT) Independent Record (19 Nov 2003)
Helena students are creating ads that counter pro-tobacco media. Read more...