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Up in smoke

John McMurtrie | San Francisco Chronicle (17 Apr 2005)
From Bogie to Bardot, cigarettes symbolize sex, sin and now shame. Read more...

Activists urge Hollywood to cut back on smoking in movies

Mike O'Sullivan | Voice of America (1 Mar 2005)
An international day of action mobilizes young audiences around the world. Read more...

Smoke screen

Smita Deshmukh | The Times of India (11 Feb 2005)
Hollywood anti-smoking activist is in Mumbai to help NGOs take on smoking in Indian movies. Read more...

Stars under fire!

Moviebuzz | (India) (27 Jan 2005)
World Health Organization study reveals 76% of Indian movies portray tobacco use. Read more...


S-rated movies: No smoking thank you

Martin Johnston | New Zealand Herald (10 Dec 2004)
One new idea is to ban children and adolescents from movies in which actors smoke. Read more...

Big Tobacco vs. Hollywood

Jonathan R. Polansky | The Atlantic Monthly (1 Nov 2004)
A notorious industry targets Hollywood's favorite candidates for defeat. Read more...

Ontario told to restrict films with smoking

James Cowan | National Post (Canada) (30 Oct 2004)
On-screen puffing behind teen habit, U.S. advocate says.

Smoke gets in your eyes

The editors | Eugene Register-Guard (30 Aug 2004)
'If sex and violence qualify [for an 'R'] then depictions of a behavior that will kill more people than illegal drugs, gun violence, drunk driving, suicide and AIDS combined ought to qualify without question.' Read more...

Pictures of puffing stars encourage teen smoking

Allison McCook | Reuters (29 Jun 2004)
Smoking in movies is just an effective form of marketing. Read more...

Smoke screen

Ryan Malashock | The Capitol-Journal (19 Jun 2004)
'Our goal is to … cut out the Hollywood glamour surrounding tobacco use' Read more...