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Youth advocates want all future youth-rated movies to be smokefree

Canadian Cancer Society | Yahoo! Canada Finance (6 Sep 2014)
"Smoking in movies is one of the last ways that tobacco products are promoted to young people in Canada and this needs to stop." Read more...



The business case against smoking in movies

| Legacy (4 Oct 2011)
New study reveals that movies with smoking make less money. Read more...

Three quarters (73%) of Ontarians support not allowing smoking in movies rated G, PG or 14A

| Ipsos Reid (31 May 2011)
Poll for Heart and Stroke Foundation and Ontario Coalition for Smokefree Movies. Read more...


Oscar targets ‘Hackademy Awards’ in trademark action

| Breathe California (18 Feb 2009)
Academy seeks ban on use of parody award name for raising tobacco awareness. Read more...

Smoking in the movies

For your information: Movies with smoking cause kids to smoke. Read more...


Anti-smoking ads on youth-rated movies

Under the agreement, studios will begin using four anti-tobacco spots on DVDs. Read more...

Tough action needed to protect children from the allure of smoking, say doctors

UK film ratings should take pro-smoking imagery into account. Read more...

NY State Dept. of Health urges Hollywood to take immediate action

| NY State Dept. of Health (16 Jun 2008)
'One year later, we are still waiting for Hollywood to do the right thing.' Read more...