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Why does Hollywood glorify smoking...?

Rush Limbaugh | The Rush Limbaugh Show (6 Jan 2016)
Now, you would think that if Hollywood was really serious about it, a bunch of liberals interested in public health, that they would not make any movies with anybody smoking. So what's up? Read more...


We've come a long way, but not far enough

David Bly | Times Colonist (British Columbia) (12 Sep 2015)
Smoking portrayed on movie screens had considerable influence in persuading people to smoke. The message was overt and powerful — cool, sophisticated, tough, savvy people smoked. Read more...

'Mad Men' got the smoking issue right after all

Robin Koval | CNN (19 May 2015)
Suddenly the fictional world of 'Mad Men' collided with the facts about women's lung and heart health and the array of deadly illnesses linked to women smoking. Read more...

Disney takes on matter of life and death

Robin Koval | Partnership for Drug-Free Kids (15 Apr 2015)
Disney isn’t alone in creating the stories and images young people watch. We need the other major studios to follow Disney’s example. Read more...


No Smoking Allowed! John Constantine will need a nicotine patch In 'Constantine'

Josh Wilding | (29 Jun 2014)
At the end of day, no smoking [in an upcoming NBC series] doesn't seem like that big a deal. Read more...

Hollywood's smoky images send wrong message about lighting up

Nancy Brown | Huffington Post (25 Jan 2014)
National health groups: We call on Netflix and others in entertainment to minimize the mythology around smoking. Read more...

History repeats on e-cigarettes

Ruth A. Etzel | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (8 Jan 2014)
Children see celebrities using this product on prime-time television, and at least one cartoon character touts its use. Read more...


Campaign against tobacco in movies is all smoke, no fire

Peter Howell | Toronto Star (15 Mar 2012)
Wouldn’t society be better off if we directed more energy to reducing mindless violence in movies? Read more...


Power of the cinema is leading young people to smoke

Crystal Bruce | Sarasota Herald-Tribune (13 Feb 2010)
Since movie studios are businesses, why not hold them to normal business standards? Read more...

Movies: Where there's smoking, there's ire

David Edelstein | CBS Sunday Morning (24 Jan 2010)
No one's banning anything, just saying, 'Kids shouldn't be able to see it so easily.' Read more...