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Desi cinema as a bad influence

The editors | Livemint (8 Jun 2020)
Researchers from US-based Vital Strategies and Imperial College, London, analysed 300 films from 1994 to 2013, and found that 93% of them had at least one depiction of booze usage, 70% had at least one of tobacco, and 21% of branded fast food. The average movie featured tobacco products four times, alcohol seven times, and the third of those bad habits a little less than half a time. Read more...


Film biz needs to get the message on smoking

The Editors | Vancouver (BC) Sun (3 Mar 2016)
Indeed, the World Health Organization in early February stated that onscreen smoking prompts more than a third of young people who smoke to do so. Read more...


This warning should stay

The Editors | The Hindu (26 May 2015)
The warning scroll is an effective way of communicating the dangers of smoking. Read more...


Smoky 'Rango' leaves bad taste

The editors | USA Today (17 Mar 2011)
We're suggesting that Paramount showed poor judgment — and so have others. Read more...

Billy, did you see the new movie Rango yet?

Gary Markstein | The Week (8 Mar 2011)
Editorial cartoon.

Having a smoke on screen? Justify it

The editors | The Deccan Chronicle (30 Nov 2011)
Celebrities need to confine such habits to their private life. Read more...


Avatars don't smoke

The editors | The New York Times (7 Jan 2010)
It’s hard to condemn the strategy of using information, not censorship, to confront a perceived public-health threat. Read more...

Don't show any butts in PG-13

The editors | The Boston Globe (28 Aug 2010)
Watching characters smoke in movies is the single most powerful pro-smoking influence for children. Read more...

Why Hollywood movies with smoking scenes need an R-rating

Clayton Jones | The Christian Science Monitor (23 Aug 2010)
Why does Hollywood still not impose an R-rating for all movies with tobacco use? Read more...


Cigarettes, Teens and Movies

The editors | America (22 Jun 2009)
Images of smoking in Hollywood films have global influence. Read more...