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Film biz needs to get the message on smoking

The Editors | Vancouver (BC) Sun (3 Mar 2016)
Indeed, the World Health Organization in early February stated that onscreen smoking prompts more than a third of young people who smoke to do so. Read more...


This warning should stay

The Editors | The Hindu (26 May 2015)
The warning scroll is an effective way of communicating the dangers of smoking. Read more...


Billy, did you see the new movie Rango yet?

Gary Markstein | The Week (8 Mar 2011)
Editorial cartoon.

Smoky 'Rango' leaves bad taste

The editors | USA Today (17 Mar 2011)
We're suggesting that Paramount showed poor judgment — and so have others. Read more...

Having a smoke on screen? Justify it

The editors | The Deccan Chronicle (30 Nov 2011)
Celebrities need to confine such habits to their private life. Read more...


Avatars don't smoke

The editors | The New York Times (7 Jan 2010)
It’s hard to condemn the strategy of using information, not censorship, to confront a perceived public-health threat. Read more...

Don't show any butts in PG-13

The editors | The Boston Globe (28 Aug 2010)
Watching characters smoke in movies is the single most powerful pro-smoking influence for children. Read more...

Why Hollywood movies with smoking scenes need an R-rating

Clayton Jones | The Christian Science Monitor (23 Aug 2010)
Why does Hollywood still not impose an R-rating for all movies with tobacco use? Read more...


Cigarettes, Teens and Movies

The editors | America (22 Jun 2009)
Images of smoking in Hollywood films have global influence. Read more...


Smoking in the movies

The editors | Los Angeles Times (23 Aug 2008)
Smoking is unhealthy, and movies can glamorize the habit. But how much censorship is too much? Read more...