News | 2015


'Star Wars: Episode VIII' release date revealed

Paul Bond | The Hollywood Reporter (13 Mar 2015)
Iger was called on to reiterate his pledge of not showing characters smoking on TV or in movies except where necessary for historical accuracy, though one shareholder asked him to go further by asking the MPAA to give an R-rating to movies that include smoking and to rally other studios to support such a measure. Read more...

Disney CEO to ‘absolutely prohibit’ smoking in films made for kids

Seth Kelley | Variety (13 Mar 2015)
Walt Disney Studios chairman and CEO Bob Iger said that he will “absolutely prohibit” smoking in all Disney films, including those from Marvel Studios, with a PG-13 rating or below, unless it is historically pertinent. Read more...

Clearing the air: Disney to ban smoking in all future movies

Ben Child | The Guardian (13 Mar 2015)
Cigarettes to be excluded from forthcoming films, including Marvel and Star Wars properties, CEO Bob Iger tells shareholders. Disney has banned smoking in all of its forthcoming movies, unless characters being depicted were historically known for lighting up. Read more...

Film with smoking content should be rated 18A to protect kids, group argues

Sheryl Ubelacker | CTV (3 Feb 2015)
'This is one of the last forms of media where tobacco use can actually be shown to kids.' Read more...

Coalition wants movies with smoking rated 18A

Jennifer Palisoc | Global News (30 Jan 2015)
Ontario, Canada's Coalition for Smoke-Free Movies is calling for a change in how movies with smoking are rated. Read more...