News | 2012


Smoke still clouding up movies and TV

| China Daily (28 Jun 2012)
Among 40 movies produced in China last year, 28 had smoking scenes. Read more...

Tobacco-free movies in Manila Int'l Film Festival?

| ABS-CBN (22 Mar 2012)
It is about time to consider such films as indirect tobacco advertising and promotion vehicles. Read more...

Campaign against tobacco in movies is all smoke, no fire

Peter Howell | Toronto Star (15 Mar 2012)
Wouldn’t society be better off if we directed more energy to reducing mindless violence in movies? Read more...

Watching movie stars light up may spur kids to smoke

Robert Preidt | HealthDay (14 Mar 2012)
Kids who saw more tobacco use on film from ages 9 to 14 tended to become regular smokers. Read more...

Should movies be rated ‘R’ … for smoking?

KJ DellAntonia | The New York Times (10 Jul 2012)
When a character smokes, is that effectively an advertisement for smoking? Read more...

Advocates don't want to mix tax dollars with movie smoking

Chris Megerian | Los Angeles Times (7 Sep 2012)
Lawmakers should “align public film subsidies with public health evidence and goals.” Read more...

Stub out smoking's 'coolness' on screen

Lisa Power | The Telegraph (16 Jul 2012)
Stubbing out smoking in films aimed at teenagers could help slash youth uptake by up to 18 per cent. Read more...

This film Is rated 'R' for smoking

Madeleine Kruhly | The Atlantic Monthly (11 Jul 2012)
If smoking in a movie meant an R rating, it could reduce adolescent tobacco use by almost twenty percent. Read more...