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Top-grossing films released since 2002. Click a title to see more detail about the film.

YearTitleRatingTobacco incidentsTobacco impressions millions
2017All Eyez on MeR50+989
2017The Glass CastlePG-1350+62
2017John Wick: Chapter 2R30-49496
2017Patriots DayR10-2950
2017Power RangersPG-1300
2017The ShackPG-1300
2017% of company’s films with smoking:66%IncidentsImpressions
YTD% of smoking films youth-rated:25%3751,597
2016Blair WitchR00
2016Boo! A Madea HalloweenPG-131-942
2016The ChoicePG-1300
2016Criminal R30-4958
2016Deepwater HorizonPG-1300
2016Dirty GrandpaR50+642
2016Gods of EgyptPG-1300
2016Hacksaw RidgeR50+427
2016Hello My Name Is DorisR1-93
2016La La LandPG-131-935
2016Love & FriendshipPG1-96
2016Manchester by the SeaR00
2016Mechanic: ResurrectionR50+201
2016Norm of the NorthPG00
2016Now You See Me 2PG-1300
2016The Perfect MatchR1-910
2016The Wild LifePG00
2016% of company’s films with smoking:47%IncidentsImpressions
Summary% of smoking films youth-rated:33%3491,425
2015The Age of AdalinePG-1310-29121
2015American UltraR1-93
2015The DUFFPG-1300
2015The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2PG-1300
2015The Last Witch HunterPG-1310-2984
2015Love & MercyPG-1350+125
2015Mr. HolmesPG1-96
2015% of company’s films with smoking:70%IncidentsImpressions
Summary% of smoking films youth-rated:57%227746
2014Draft DayPG-1300
2014The Expendables 3PG-1330-49149
2014The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1PG-1300
2014Frankenstein IPG-1300
2014John WickR30-49163
2014The Legend of HerculesPG-1300
2014A Most Wanted ManR50+186
2014The Quiet OnesPG-1350+152
2014The Single Moms ClubPG-1310-2935
2014Step Up All InPG-131-92
2014% of company’s films with smoking:50%IncidentsImpressions
Summary% of smoking films youth-rated:66%315687
2013The Big WeddingR10-2932
2013Ender's GamePG-1300
2013Escape PlanR10-2931