Update | Viacom's Paramount leads PG-13 smoking in early 2017

Forty percent of top-grossing, youth-rated films released by the US film industry in the first three months of 2017 featured smoking: one in seven PG films and seven of thirteen PG-13 films. 

Two of the PG-13 films — The Case for Christ and The Zookeeper's Wife — are biographical dramas. However, all but two of the films' smokers are uncredited extras. The other six films are in fantasy genres.

These films featured 133 tobacco incidents, an average of 17 incidents each, and have delivered more than 385 million tobacco impressions to domestic moviegoers so far.

The MPAA tagged only two of the eight films (25%) for smoking: The Case for Christ ("incidental smoking") and The Zookeeper's Wife ("smoking").

The first quarter of 2017 also saw nine R-rated films with smoking, the majority of them independents. The only film with a budget exceeding $100 million was Fox's Logan.

Logan is the seventh film since 2000 to feature the cigar-smoking Wolverine character (Hugh Jackman) and the first to be R-rated. The TUTD database shows that Wolverine films rated PG-13 have delivered 1.9 billion in-theater tobacco impressions in the US and Canada alone since 2003.