Smokefree retirement funds change young lives, too

Smokefree Movies’ partner As You Sow has a great free online tool, Tobacco Free Funds, that tells you if your retirement account is funding cigarettes or tobacco-filled movies. As You Sow built this database because nearly half of American households own mutual funds – usually in a retirement account, like 401(k) or IRA. But almost nobody knows how their mutual funds are impacting the world.

Well, now it’s easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Use Tobacco Free Funds to see if mutual funds you own are funding tobacco
  2. Find cleaner, tobacco-free alternatives, and resources to talk to your 401k administrator
  3. Sign the petition urging media companies to take smoking out of youth-rated movies

Tobacco investments carry real financial risks. The Surgeon General and CDC report that tobacco depictions in film put 1,000,000 kids’ lives at risk, but the studios keep finding excuses to not ban smoking.

Take control of your investments and keep them from going up in smoke – for your future, and for the next generation of kids.  Start with this 2-minute video.