Oscar® hype boosts US moviegoers' tobacco exposure

Between February 9 and February 20, movies hyped by Academy Award publicity delivered 50 million additional tobacco impressions to domestic movie audiences.

These 2016 films would have run their course already, if not for the added publicity of their Oscar listings.

  • Lion (PG-13) added 12 million tobacco impressions, for the biggest Oscar smoking “bounce."
  • Other Oscar-listed films with smoking, still in theaters, added 2-5 million more tobacco impressions each.

So far, this year’s Oscar-listed films have delivered a total of 2.8 billion tobacco impressions to domestic audienceds of all ages.

  • Oscar-listed films rated PG-13 have delivered 1.77 billion impressions — almost two-thirds of the total. 
  • Kid-rated movies with smoking are dramatically over-represented in the 2017 Oscar listings. Seven of the ten PG-13 movies feature smoking.

An updated table of 2017 Oscar-listed films and their tobacco content can be downloaded at this UCSF link.

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