Latest CDC report gets global media coverage

The CDC's latest report on smoking in movies, released 6 July 2017, sparked coverage by media outlets from the BBC (UK) to Xinhua (China).

Original stories ran on CNN and in the Daily Mail (UK), Los Angeles Times, The New York TimesNewsweekSan Jose Mercury NewsTime, UPI, US News and Vogue.

Mentions also appeared on ABC and NBC affiliate stations, the French newspaper Liberation, and a variety of news sites.

For links to the stories, visit our News page and CDC's Altmetric, which gives "Tobacco use in Top-Grossing Movies — United States, 2010-2016" an Attention Score in the top 5% for all research outputs.

American Academy of Pediatrics, American Heart Association and Truth® Initiative reported the story, pitched it to media contacts, and issued public reaction statements. Thanks to them and to the CDC and UCSF press offices for strong media support over a holiday weekend.