Few Oscar-listed stars smoke, but their films are packed with smoking

Only 20 percent of the actors nominated for Oscars® smoked in their roles, but 70 percent of Oscar-listed PG-13 films featured smoking. That's more than twice as many as the general run of PG-13 films last year.

Good news? Two of the Best Picture nominees, Hidden Figures and Manchester by the Sea, were 100 percent smokefree.

This leaves open the question: Why is Hollywood still packing so many youth-rated movies with smoking — and smoking by minor characters?

Oscar® night, Sunday, February 26, is the peak of Hollywod's promotional season. To capitalize on that attention, Smokefree Movies has created a free publicity pack for you to use to alert the public about the risk to young audiences from on-screen smoking.

All we ask is, let us know what you do with the publicity pack.


DOWNLOAD | Publicity pack of Oscar resources at bit.ly/2017-Oscars-tobacco(Full URL to reach the same folder: https://ucsf.box.com/s/l5x1m1woigk3nyuphrnpehet2si9rvdk

This Publicity Pack has been downloaded more than 130 times since our national "Oscars and Tobacco 2017" webinar, co-sponsored by Truth Initiative, on Friday, February 3, 2017.

WHAT | The Publicity Pack includes: slide deck; social media graphics for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; suggested Tweets; a model public statement; poster images for every nominated film; fact sheet and full details of the Oscars' tobacco analysis, including tobacco track records for nominated actors, producers and directors.

WHO | Your audience is your group's network, your larger community, and the media companies that own the major Hollywood studios and control the US film rating system.

WHEN | To maximize exposure, we suggest focusing your messaging on the week leading up to the 2017 Oscars: February 19-26, 2017.

WHY | The CDC says R-rating future movies with smoking would prevent three million tobacco addictons and one million tobacco deaths among US children alive today.

Thanks for your taking advantage of this powerful opportunity.