Producers have executive authority over a film project’s four phases: development, pre-production, production, and post-production and marketing. That means they know everything that goes on, at every level. Financing a film may include more suspense and risk than the film itself, and assembling a film project often takes years. Producers in these rankings worked on at least two top-grossing films since 2002.

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producers | The more smoking, the higher the score
1Tucker Tooley168110
Alan Siegel168110
Ryan Kavanaugh168110
Christian Gudegast168110
Mark Canton168110
Gerard Butler168110
2John Lesher21110
Ken Kao21110
Scott Cooper21110
3Paul Schiff11110
Tai Duncan11110
4Molly Smith4110
Trent Luckinbill4110
Thad Luckinbill4110
Jerry Bruckheimer4110
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