We ask 20 film producers to sign the R-rating petition

You know that cliche about movie producers blowing smoke?

The twenty smokiest producers in Hollywood:

• made 294 top-grossing films with smoking in the past 15 years

• made sure that 70% of these smoking films were youth-rated

• filled their films with 10,800 tobacco incidents

• delivered 101 billion tobacco impressions to moviegoers.

Now we ask these top producers to join more than 10,000 members of the audience and sign the #RateSmokingR petition at bit.ly/R-petition.

Film producers have always played an important role in onscreen smoking. Tobacco industry files even show cigarette companies cutting cash deals with them. That's because producers are the ultimate deciders on the film set — right below the studio. How central are film producers? See what the Producers Guild requires to list a producer in film credits.

Every weekday for the next twenty days, we'll be counting down the smokiest film producers, naming them and inviting each to sign up for a voluntary policy that will save a million lives. Here are four things you can do:

1 | Please follow the series on Twitter at @onbeyondme

2 | Sign the #RateSmokingR petition at bit.ly/R-petition

3 | Check our George Clooney's record as a producer (didn't make the Top 20 cut)

4 | View more tobacco rankings at Who's Accountable, including smokefree producers


Criteria for the Twitter ranking of 20 smokiest producers: Credited for at least 10 films with smoking (range 10-27), at least 40% of which were youth-rated (range 40-100%); ranked by total number of their smoking films. For an Excel table with key data and a link to each producer's SFM tobacco profile, click here.