More than 10,000 sign R-rating petition

You have kids. You don't want them to smoke.

We hoped to see 10,000 people sign the #RateSmokingR petition by the end of August.

And we did it. See the numbers here.

Now we want more. Give movie audiences the chance to talk back to Hollywood studios and Big Tobacco. Promote the petition to your members and networks.

  • Thanks to eighteen anonymous donors who contributed something to raise the petition's visibility on the web site.
  • Thanks to the Ontario Coalition for Smoke-Free Movies— and hundreds of others around the world — for following and retweeting @onbeyondme's daily Tweets promoting the petition. (They've generated 1.7 million impressions in the past month alone. See sample image above.)

Our new goal? 25,000 R-rating petition signers by the end of October. The MPAA claims that parents don't care about smoking on screen. This petition publicly proves them wrong. The math is simple: The higher the number, the louder our voice.

You know that the Smokefree Movies campaign coordinates lots of different strategies to stop tobacco promotion on screen. Together, we're making a substantial difference (see charts here).

This petition — suggested by New York Reality Check just a couple months ago — is a simple, cost-effective way to engage, educate and make our movement visible. And it doesn't cost our partners a thing!

Mention it. Promote it. Encourage your members to sign the R-rating petition — and to share it.