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Anybody got a match?

Jonathan McNicol | WNPR (10 May 2018)
Cigarettes have been such an integral part of movies for so long that one big concern in the lead up to Disney and Fox's planned merger is — seriously — all the smoking in Fox movies. This hour: a look at the cultural history of smoking. Participants include film critic David Edelstein. [Includes 49:30 audio] Read more...

Hollywood and Big Tobacco

Stanton Glantz | San Francisco Chronicle (1 May 2018)
Fox was the studio closest to Big Tobacco...Last year, Fox Searchlight Pictures released a biopic of Billie Jean King, who served on Philip Morris’ board for five years. Philip Morris used women’s tennis to push Virginia Slims to young women. Read more...

Advocates call on Disney to end smoking in future Fox films

Brookes Barnes | Toronto Star (27 Apr 2018)
Studios also face pressure overseas from the World Health Organization, which has called for governments to implement more aggressive regulation of movies that contain tobacco imagery. India, France and Britain are among the countries where action has been taken or is being discussed. Read more...

Trinity Health and other investors caution smokefree Disney on purchase of "tobacco-contaminated" Fox movies

Trinity Health | GlobalNewswire (25 Apr 2018)
Top executives of Philip Morris (later Altria) and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. (later Fox) served on each other’s boards of directors for twenty-five years, from 1989 to 2013. A 1985 memorandum from the tobacco company’s CEO, discovered in the course of lawsuits against the tobacco company, named Mr. Murdoch as a media proprietor “sympathetic with our position … an ally that we can and should exploit.” Read more...

There’s no smoking in Disney films. What about when it owns Fox?

Brooks Barnes | The New York Times (25 Apr 2018)
…[A]ntismoking advocates want Mr. Iger to extend [Disney's tobacco depictions] rule to all future youth-rated films (G, PG, PG-13) made by Fox and its Fox Searchlight specialty label, which are among the assets that Disney is buying from Rupert Murdoch for $54.2 billion. Among other things, activists want “graphic health warnings” added to youth-rated films in the Fox library that depict smoking — like “Avatar” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past” — before selling them on DVD or via video-on-demand services. Read more...

Commons Committee warned that smoking on TV and in films is encouraging child take-up

ASH | Action on Smoking and Health (15 Apr 2018)
In a strongly worded submission to the Select Committee on Science and Technology ASH and the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol studies warn that smoking on TV and in films encourages children to take up smoking. They point out that children in the UK are still exposed to significant amounts of smoking on screen and that it is the amount of smoking that is important, not whether it is glamourised or not. Read more...

UK's Love Island and other shows "encourage teenagers to smoke"

Robert Booth | The Guardian (15 Apr 2018)
The campaigners want the communications regulator, Ofcom, and the British Board of Film Classification to monitor youth exposure to depictions of tobacco use on screen, to discourage any depictions of tobacco use and require broadcasters or cinemas to run anti-smoking adverts during presentations that feature smoking. Read more...

Netflix under fire for on-screen smoking

Paul Fuhr | The Fix (21 Mar 2018)
Among TV shows popular with teens and young adults, Netflix had the most portrayals of tobacco use. Read more...

Why Netflix could be a bad influence on your kids

| New Zealand Herald (19 Mar 2018)
Regardless of why the characters are seen smoking, it's striking that many of the shows included in the study, such as Stranger Things and Fuller House, are aimed at children. We also know that the normalisation of tobacco use in movies does have a strong impact on a child's risk of future tobacco use," David Hill, chairman for the American Academy of Pediatrics' Council on Communications and Media told US News and World Report. Read more...

Streaming services such as Netflix have more sex, violence—and, it turns out, smoking

Travis M. Andrews | The Washington Post (19 Mar 2018)
The Truth Initiative — the nonprofit anti-tobacco organization — released a study that compared seven popular Netflix shows to seven popular broadcast shows. In this sample it found Netflix’s shows featured characters smoking almost three times as often as those produced by broadcast networks like NBC, ABC and CBS. Read more...