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Crack down on film poster

Sunayana Suresh | Times of India (6 Aug 2019)
A Telugu-language film's poster shows the star smoking. Karnataka's state tobacco control office has cited this violation of national rules and plans a "sensitization" program for local film producers and exhibitors in lieu of penalties. The state's capital is Bengaluru (Bangalore), India's high-tech hub. Read more...

Should movies that feature smoking be for adults only?

Metro Morning | CBC Toronto (30 Jul 2019)
Robert Schwartz is the director of the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit and one of the authors of a study that estimates 185,000 people aged 17 or younger [in Ontario] will become smokers because of seeing people smoke on-screen. [6-minute audio segment] Read more...

Kids widely exposed to smoking in movies

Univ. of Toronto | Science Daily (24 Jul 2019)
More than half of the top-grossing movies in Ontario in the past 16 years featured smoking, according to University of Toronto researchers with the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit -- and most of these films were rated as acceptable for youth. Read more...

Smoking imagery study sparks change

| AAFP News (17 Jul 2019)
For the second year in a row, Netflix, the most commonly watched streaming service among those ages 15-24, topped the list — nearly tripling its number of tobacco incidents (866) compared with the previous year's report (299). Read more...

Gears 5 will exclude smoking depictions after concerns raised by youth anti-tobacco org

Todd Spangler | Variety (12 Jul 2019)
News that “Gears 5” is stubbing out smoking comes after Netflix last week said it will cut out tobacco imagery in its originals rated for younger viewers, with the exception of maintaining “historical or factual accuracy.” That came after Truth released a report finding that tobacco use in TV series popular among those aged 15-24 had surged in the past year — and that Netflix original series “Stranger Things” and “Orange Is the New Black” among the worst offenders for showing smoking. Read more...

Can Netflix changes decrease youth smoking initiaton?

Nancy Berk | Forbes (10 Jul 2019)
Smoking imagery appears to be common place on streaming services, part of the artistic license that some associate with depictions of cool, aloof, stressed or compulsive personality traits. But the data regarding the impact of tobacco imagery in films and television on adolescent and young adult behavior speaks volumes. The bottom line—young people exposed to smoking and tobacco imagery via film and television are more likely to start using tobacco. Read more...

Before Netflix, Hollywood studios banned most on-screen smoking years ago

Kate Erbland | (9 Jul 2019)
Smoking may be “banned,” but it’s hardly gone. Here’s how each studio explains their own policy. Read more...

Netflix promises to quit smoking on (most) original programming

Vanessa Romo | NPR (4 Jul 2019)
Netflix said future shows aimed at its younger audiences will not depict smoking or e-cigarette use unless it is "essential." The streaming content giant also says information about smoking will be included as part of its ratings. Read more...

Netflix promises fewer depictions of smoking after Stranger Things blowback

Halle Kiefer | Vulture (5 Jul 2019)
Of course, one could argue it is factually accurate to depict adults living in a small Indiana town in the early 1980s as smoking like chimneys, but then you remember there’s an interdimensional Demogorgon in this show and we’re not exactly talking about a historical biopic here. Read more...

Netflix to cut smoking from youth-targeted content after criticism

Todd Spangler | Variety (3 Jul 2019)
Netflix said that going forward, all new shows it commissions with ratings of TV-14 or below (and all films rated PG-13 or below) will exclude smoking and e-cigarette use, except for “reasons of historical or factual accuracy.” The streamer also said new projects with higher ratings will not depict smoking or e-cigarette use “unless it’s essential to the creative vision of the artist or because it’s character-defining (historically or culturally important).” Read more...