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Special report: Kids and smoking

Francis Rivera | WHDH Boston (7 Nov 2005)
A new study suggests smoking is something kids learn to do by watching movies. Read more...

Activists urge Hollywood to cut back on smoking in movies

Mike O'Sullivan | Voice of America (1 Mar 2005)
An international day of action mobilizes young audiences around the world. Read more...


Group: Cigarettes should trigger R-rating

Neda Ulaby | NPR All Things Considered (23 May 2004)
Anti-smoking activists want to put an R-rating on films. Read more...


Putting an R-rating on smoking in movies

Scott Horsley | NPR All Things Considered (5 Dec 2003)
Socially conscious investors are urging Hollywood to put an R-rating on movies that include smoking. Read more...

Smoking in movies hooks kids to smoke

| KRON-TV (13 Nov 2003)
Cigarettes and the movies, it's a marriage made in marketing heaven. Read more...


Should Hollywood movies be smoke free?

Warren Olney | KCRW (15 Mar 2002)
Smoking, peer pressure, product placement, and the power of movies. Read more...

New study finds more movie smoking

Brian Rooney | ABC (19 Jan 2002)
In 'Saving Private Ryan,' Tom Hanks was given a nervous twitch in his hand, instead of a cigarette. Read more...